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About Me
My specialist subject is guitar instruction.

I consider the teaching aspect of my career to be very important for my personal development, so I am constantly trying to improve myself and my teaching methods. I have always enjoyed passing on my passion for music to others, and being a guitar tutor is an ideal way of doing just that.

I am a very patient teacher and I always try to teach each student in a personalised way to make sure that the most is gained from each lesson.

I am currently a very active musician, both as a performer, a composer and a tutor.

Beyond my general qualifications as an instrumentalist and musician (Grade 8 Guitar Grade 5 Music Theory), I completed my Bachelors degree in Music at the University of Plymouth with First Class Honours. I then went on to do a Masters in "Composing for Film and TV" at the University of Kingston in London.

Recent Tuition

Anna, 13: Anna has been learning to read sheet music and has been working on acquiring a correct posture/technique on guitar. She has been learning a lot of chords and how they work, and has been focusing on Blues style playing to develop a strong sense of improvisation.
Michelle, 27: Michelle is a singer-songwriter who accompanies herself on guitar. She is working on finger- style and other accompaniment techniques and styles and also music theory as applied to the guitar.
Paul, 51: Paul has returned to the guitar as a hobby after a break of several years and is now working towards re-gaining his old skills. He is now learning to play the Blues and has just started venturing into the world of Jazz, all the while learning some music theory and proper technique.

Hobbies and Interests
Music is my profession, but such is its nature that it is also a hobby. I spend a lot of time going to concerts and I am always on the lookout for new music.
Other than music I really enjoy reading books, both fiction and non-fiction. In general I like to learn so I often try to visit museums and galleries and meet people of diverse disciplines.
I also like to travel, exercise, grow plants and take trips to parks/forests.

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