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About Me
My specialities are Maths and Physics. I also teach programming, mechanics of materials, analysis of structures and almost all basic Civil Engineering subjects.
I am Currently a Civil Engineering PhD student at Imperial College London. Last year I got my MSc degree from Imperial College and after that I was awarded a scholarship to stay and carry on my research into PhD studies.
I finished my undergraduate studies in Iran and right after I came to London for my postgraduate studies.
I grew up in an academic family (my father is a university professor) and I always wanted to be a teacher like him. My good communication skills help me to connect with my students and understand their problems. I recently got very positive feed backs from my students in Imperial College and they said they were happy with my teaching skills.
I like Mathematics and Physics and I enjoy teaching it to others. I am currently a teaching assistant in Imperial college in two modules. I teach "soil mechanics laboratory" and "Rock mechanics".
In laboratory class I find the chance to help the students to become familiar with different concepts of soil behaviour.
In rock mechanics which is more numerical rather than experimental, I help students to learn how tackle a question when they are asked to. I help them to understand the questions and think well.

Recent Tuition
In total I have worked with 7 IB Maths students. Two examples are below:

- Tamen is my IB-SL student: during our classes she has improved her Math skills massively. She was ranked second in her preparation exams and hopefully she will do even better in her main exam.
- Mathew is my IB-HL student. He is aiming for high mark in Math -as a result, I focus on high level questions. We work together for several hours each week.
Imperial College London, UK

As a part of PhD studies it was compulsory for me to participate in "Teaching Skills" classes. During these classes I learned different teaching methods, communication skills and etc.

Imperial College London, UK

2011, Teaching assistant in rock mechanics and soil laboratory. This opportunity gave me the chance to work with undergraduate students and improve my teaching skills.

Ineji High School, Iran

2008, Preparing students for national entrance university exams. I worked with many students to improve their mathematics and physics knowledge to prepare them for the exam. We worked on many topics such as algebra, trigonometry, functions and etc. Most of them were admitted in best universities in the country.

Hobbies and Interests
Apart from my studies I a very interested in two subjects. I play football almost every week and I really enjoy it. I am also very interested in cinema. I follow it almost professionally

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