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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are Chinese (Mandarin) and English literature. I also teach History, English and English as a foreign language.
I am a highly experienced tutor with a strong and varied academic background, and I currently teach at two world-class institutions: the University of Oxford and the University of London.
My first degree was in Modern History (First class, Oxford). Now, whilst completing my PhD in Chinese literature at the University of London, I also teach at SOAS and at Oxford. There I teach Chinese language-based courses, literature- based courses, and run tutorials on study skills and exam writing techniques for a range of disciplines. As such I am uniquely placed to provide tuition in a range of subjects: English literature and language, (all levels) Chinese (all levels), History (GCSE and A-Level) and Essay writing and study skills (all levels, all disciplines).
I put the skills I have learned as a university tutor to good use in my private tuition sessions. I have 5 years of tutoring experience in all subjects listed above, in ages ranging from 9 to 30 years old. In all my subjects, I aim to not only help students in the short-term, but also to provide them with practical ways of learning and revising more effectively in the future. My students frequently achieve beyond their expectations in exams, and many express a newfound interest in the topic I teach them.
I believe that a vital part of good tuition is enthusiasm - both for the subject being taught and for the process of teaching. I possess both in abundance, as my experience as a tutor has shown me what a joy it is to help someone develop a stronger understanding of a topic, or to encourage an interest in a subject that the student had previously found dull. I have spent most of my life in academically challenging environments. As such I am experienced in exam preparation and understand the pressures that can exist within the school system in the UK. However, at the same time I strongly believe that it is vital to create a friendly environment when tutoring, and to keep lessons as fun and as relaxed as possible whilst reaching the goals tutor and client have set together.

PhD in Modern Chinese Literature, University of London.
Masters in Modern Chinese Literature, SOAS, University of London, Distinction
M.Phil in Modern Chinese Studies, Oxford University, St.Cross College, Distinction.
BA in Modern History at Oxford University, Somerville College, First Class with Honours.
I have attained the Masters Level of the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL). This is the highest level of the test.
A Levels: St. Pauls Girls School, London.

English Literature: A (highest grade possible at the time)
History: A
Economics: A
AS Levels
German: A

GCSE: St. Pauls Girls School, London.

English Literature: A*
English Language: A*
History: A*
German: A*
French: A*
Latin: A*
Geography: A*
Maths: A*
Dual Science: A*, A*

Recent Tuition

2015 - Oxford undergraduate tutor in Chinese literature in translation. Design and teach one-on-one undergraduate tutorials at the University of Oxford in literature.
2015 - One on one tutor at SOAS university for undergraduate students in a range of disciplines. I help students with essay planning and writing techniques, and general study skills. They leave with greater confidence and armed with practical techniques for tackling their assignments. I consistently receive good feedback (5/5) on student assessment forms.
2014 - Tutor and lecturer in Modern Chinese literature to undergraduate and postgraduate students at my university for two hours a week for two terms. The course is a combination of literary studies in translation, and Mandarin. Helped plan the curriculum, ran seminars and occasionally lectured. Set the exam and marked coursework. Feedback from BA and MA students was very positive, and more than one student has been inspired to study Chinese literature in even more depth after finishing this course.
2015 - tutor to a student during his summer holidays, after one year in the IB (SL) in Mandarin. He particularly wanted help with vocabularly learning and writing, as this was not something he had much help with during term time. Together we came up with a series of learning strategies and techniques that would work for him, something that could only be achieved through one-on-one tuition. After our sessions he not only had a stronger grasp of the vocabulary in question, but also felt more confident about how to approach the new vocabulary in the coming term.
2014: GCSE Mandarin revision sessions for a student during her Easter break. Helped her come up with an action plan for the rest of her revision, targetting the areas she felt weakest in (specifically: writing and grammar).
2013 - English language and English literature: tutored a 9 year old student in Beijing in (advanced) English language, English language oral exam preparation, and English literature. During our classes together, the student gained confidence in speaking and started reading young adults English language novels for the first time.
2012 - English Literature: tutored a student in English Literature, focusing on Romeo and Juliet and creative writing for first year GCSE. By the end of the classes the student was much more comfortable with creative writing, essay writing and could confidently plan a well strucutured essay or story on a variety of titles. He also admitted to a new-found appreciation of Shakespeares plays.
2012 - English Literature: helping with GCSE preparation, focusing on Of Mice and Men and Felicitys Journey for Edexcel. By the end of the lessons the student had a stronger grasp of the main themes and characters of both novels and could confidently tackle a range of practice questions. She scored a final grade of 118 out of 120 for the paper.
2012 - Mandarin: tutoring in Reading and Listening preparation. By the end of the sessions the student had developed a range of techniques for both exams and had a clear revision plan ahead of her. She was awarded a high A* (294 out of 300) for the exam.
2010- 2011 - I taught English as a foreign language to a range of students on a one-on-one basis in Taipei, Taiwan. Their ages ranged from 9 years old to 27 years old. I helped some with basic grammar and pronunciation, but with the more advanced students I was essentially teaching them English language and English literature. All students expressed an increased confidence in speaking, a greater enthusiasm for the subject and a more rounded understanding of the English language, as well as better understanding of British culture and society.
March - July 2007 I tutored two students in English conversation while I was in Beijing. I helped them improve their pronunciation, vocabulary and confidence in both public speaking and general conversation.
July-August 2004 I taught English conversation at a summer school in Hangzhou, China. The classroom had thirty Chinese students ranging in age from 12 to 15, and I was responsible for planning lessons and arranging activities such as English corner. I created a fun and relaxed learning environment for the children, saw them gain confidence in speaking English, and many expressed a desire to continue learning the language after the summer school finished.

Hobbies and Interests
Literature, music and film play a hugely important role in my life. I go to the cinema, theatre and to concerts whenever I can.
As might be deduced from my academic record, I have a long-standing fascination with China. I have travelled around the country extensively and have also studied and worked there and in Taiwan.

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