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About Me
My specialist subjects are Latin and Ancient Greek, but I also teach English and writing. I recently graduated from Oxford University with a 2.1 in Classics after attending Alleyns School, Dulwich for my secondary education.

I have nurtured a love of literature since childhood, and when I took up Latin and then Classical Greek at school, Classics seemed the perfect choice for my degree.
My enthusiasm for my subject, combined with extensive experience in childcare makes me well suited to teaching. I am an excellent communicator and I find it very rewarding to work with a child one-on-one to help give them the skills and the confidence to achieve their full potential.

Recent Tuition

Olivia, 19, Beginner Ancient Greek: C
Charlotte, 8: a bilingual girl with expressive language difficulties. I have created a tuition programme designed to reinforce the skills taught her by the speech therapist. The programme also encompasses grammar work, creative writing, and writing skills. 4 weeks, 12 hours a week (48 hours total).
LiHwei, 9: Residential tuition for a period of 8 weeks, 20 hours a week. I focused primarily on reading, comprehension, grammar, and writing, with some entrance exam and interview preparation. The aim of the tuition was to improve LiHweis language and to inspire her with a love of English through some fun creative projects. The family were very pleased with the results and asked me back for a second tuition period (160 hours total).
James: Latin and Ancient Greek. I worked with a 13-year-old boy to prepare him for the 13+ common entrance scholarship exams in Latin and Greek (1 hour a week for 8 weeks). He already had a good grounding in Latin, so we worked on consolidating and polishing his knowledge. He was far newer to Ancient Greek so in this case I aimed to give him the tools and the confidence to approach unfamiliar texts. He did really well, achieving As in both Latin and Greek, and was awarded a scholarship to St Pauls (8 hours total).
Charlotte: 11+ interview preparation. I worked with a 10-year-old girl to prepare her for secondary school interviews. I used pieces of text and images which I asked her to talk me through. My aim was to help her learn to articulate her observations about an object and bring these together to form some conclusions. An important part of this was giving her the confidence to voice her opinions. She is now very happy at her first choice secondary school (3 hours total).
Matilda: Latin. I helped a 16-year-old girl prepare for her Latin GCSE. I focussed on improving her grammar to give her a solid foundation with which to approach new texts. She achieved an A*.

During my final year at school I created an Arts and Crafts Club for the younger students. The club was a success with an attendance of at least 10 each week.

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