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About Me
My specialist subjects are English and Maths from Early Years to 11+. I also teach other primary level (Key Stage 1 and 2) subjects such as Science, Geography and History. I specialise in special educational needs, in particular speech and language difficulties. At present I am completing a postgraduate diploma in Speech and Language Therapy at Greenwich University.

I am a patient, enthusiastic person who will go the extra mile to find a suitable learning style. I believe that a happy child learns better and a good relationship between tutor and tutee is essential. Every child is different and it is imperative to find a style of teaching and a way of learning that suits the individual.

I have gained experience working with many different children for a number of years. I have worked with children with behavioural and learning difficulties. I have also worked with very academic children at Bute House School, which is a feeder for St Pauls, and Kensington Girls Prep School.

I have taught in India where I provided private residential tuition for two children in Year 1 and 3. I tutored English comprehension and grammar, Maths, Verbal reasoning, Science, History, Geography and Art.

I have previously worked at Finton House Primary School as a Special Needs Assistant. Prior to this I worked at Bute House School, and Kensington Prep School. I have a 2:1 Psychology (Bsc) degree from Newcastle University.

I have also taught in rural tribal schools in Kenya and India for 3 months each where little English is spoken. I work with many children for whom English is a second language.

Recent Tuition

I have worked with a number of children who have varying degrees of special needs such as Autism, Speech and Language difficulties, Hearing Impairment or loss, and moderate to severe Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. I teach using visual and kinesthetic aids tailored to suit the child. I have worked alongside speech therapists and occupational therapists and gained experience from both.
I have provided 7+ tuition for entrance to Broomwood Hall, Bute House and Northcote Lodge. Main focus being exam prepartion, Maths, English comprehension and grammar, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.
I have provided private residential tuition in India teaching the entire Year 3 syllabus for an expat family. Subjects include Maths, English, Science, Geography and History.
Additionally I have worked with very academic children for entrance to Bute House School, which is a feeder for St Pauls, and Kensington Girls Prep School. Both Key stage 1.

Hobbies and Interests
I love to read. I will always have a book on the go and love using books in my lessons to aid learning. I am currently writing a childrens book which deals with the issues of identity and jealousy.
I love exploring different cultures and have travelled around India, and South East Asia. I have taught in a school in Kenya, Africa, for 3 months.
Photography is another passion of mine, in the duration of my travels I have taken numerous photos and often go to photography and other art exhibitions. I often use these experiences and photographs when I am teaching eg. creative writing and spelling.
Cooking is another sideline of mine, I love watching cooking recipes and exploring different ways of cooking in different cultures.
I am interested in any hobbies the children I work with may have, and will always try to incorporate them into my lessons to enhance an interesting, engaging environment to facilitate learning,

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