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Personal Statement

About Me
My specialist subjects are Economics and Politics and I also teach Maths, German and Philosophy. I am passionate about helping students to achieve their full academic potential. My students-success is reflected in their exam results, their genuine understanding of the subject matter and enhanced self-confidence when presenting their knowledge.

In June 2011 I graduated from the University of Oxford with a First Class BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Before my three years in Oxford I was on a gap year, in which I spent some time volunteering in South Africa, and most of the year splitting my time between working part time in business and part time as a private tutor for students aged 10-14. I also volunteered weekly in a local school. The school I went to myself is in Dusseldorf, Germany. I started tutoring whilst still at school doing my A-levels when school teachers suggested me as a tutor to younger students. Ever since I have been active as a tutor, because I simply enjoy teaching and because it allows me to remain active in the subjects I am passionate about.

Recent Tuition

Harry: Residential job over 5 days in February 2012. We worked intensely on AS and A2 AQA Economics and Edexcel Politics. Harry achieved an A in Economics and B in Politics.
Jemima: AQA A2 Economics, two residential placements, one in April 2012, one in June 2012. Jemima achieved an A.
Charlie: OCR A2 Economics, weekly February-April 2012. Charlie achieved an A*.
Ramsey: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics as part of a marketing degree, weekly, ongoing. Ramsey improved his grade from a previous C to A in his summer 2012 exams.
Temitayo: Edexcel AS Economics, weekly, October 2011-January 2012. Temitayo improved from a B to an A in her January 2012 exams.
Jonathan: weekly lessons in A-level politics, ongoing. Jonathan has succeeded in substantially improving his marks on practice tests.
Kathrin: weekly for 3 years (years 4, 5, 6) (mainly Maths, also German). Kathrins self-confidence in exams increased hugely, she suceeded in changing to her preferred school and continued to achieve high marks.
Max: home schooling (20 hours a week), for 6 months, helped Max to prepare for his American high school exams (concentrated on Maths, English Literature and Spanish) which he successfully passed. He went on to start a degree at the University of Florida.
Patrick: weekly, tutored for GCSE German and GCSE English.
Laura: tutored for GCSE Maths, weekly after school, went from a predicted D to a B.

Hobbies and Interests
I always try to strike a balance within the great variety of things that interest me. This will always involve some sporting activity: During my time at Oxford I was football captain of my college team and rowed for Oxford University, narrowly missing out on a seat in the Henley Boat Races. Having now switched to running I hope to complete some middle distance races soon. I also take great pleasure in art, and enjoy painting and drawing. If not too busy reading philosophy, I enjoy reading English and German classics, such as Hardy or Goethe. Furthermore I take great interest in travel and foreign languages, having spent time in Spain and Ecuador in order to apply my Spanish skills.

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