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Religious Studies

About Me
As a twelve year old I was lucky enough to be taught by a history teacher with a wonderfully imaginative approach. He possessed all the qualities that I believe make a good teacher: enthusiasm, creativity and inspiration. Most crucially, however, he was able to present concepts with clarity, in a digestible manner. As a tutor, I make learning both manageable and engaging so that my pupils come to a thorough understanding of the topics under discussion.
I have an excellent academic record covering a broad range of subjects. As a result, I have large amounts of experience when it comes to exam technique and essay writing, skills that are vital to doing well, both at school and at university.

School of Oriental and African Studies, MSc African Politics, Merit, 2011-2012
Universita di Bologna, Italy, Erasmus year, History, 2009-2010
University of Edinburgh, History, 2/1, 2007-2011
King Edward VI, Southampton, A levels: History - A, Philosophy - A, French - B
AS levels: History - A, Latin - A, Philosophy - B, French - B
GCSEs: History, English Literature, RE, Latin, French, English Language (A*), Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, DT (A)

Recent Tuition

2010-2011: During my last year of university I set up an Italian Social Society. Everyone who wanted to improve their language skills was welcome. Meetings would be divided in two, one hour in English and one in Italian, and we would focus on topics and vocabulary which participants wanted to become more comfortable with.
2009-2010: Bologna, Italy - I gave private English-as-a-second-language lessons to students. Most were concerned with passing language exams to study abroad, or practising English for oral exams.
2007: Cambridge Prep School, Accra, Ghana - I taught English, History and Maths to a class of 36 children. We worked from a Ghanaian syllabus towards passing end-of-year exams.

Hobbies and Interests
When I have spare time I enjoy playing football entering numerous 5-a-side tournaments with my friends. I travel whenever I can to various different destinations. I particularly enjoy spending time in Italy, having studied there during my third year at university.

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