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About Me
My specialist subject is Economics. The things that make me a good tutor are:

My ability to explain economics concepts in plain English. There are many new concepts to grasp in Economics for beginners (which includes most people at AS level) and I am able to use anecdotes and simple illustrative examples to enable students to make sense of them. Where necessary, I am able to speed up tutees rate of learning using short-cuts.
My enthusiasm for putting economic theory into practice. Whilst most of A-level economics is theoretical, students are expected to apply what they know to practical affairs. This is a difficult skill to undertake, so I enjoy making students think about how what they have learnt fits into various contexts, for instance being able to understand why a flood defence might lead to market failure. I believe this is not just an important part of preparing for an exam but also for appreciating economics as a subject more broadly as a discipline for assimilating the wider world.
My ability to adjust my tutoring style appropriately to the needs and personality of the tutee. In my initial assessments I always try to find out how a student thinks and how they will respond to tuition - for example if they do not seem particularly responsive or inquisitive then I will give them small exercises and thought experiments to engage them. If they are easily distracted I will be more assertive. Some people pick things up quicker than others -for slower students I slow down the pace and ensure that I repeat myself until what I have said is clear and I am happy they have understood.
I do not try to achieve too much in a lesson. My belief is that it is worth spending a lot of time on a small number of areas in the first instance so that the tutee has a deep level of knowledge in a few areas, so they know what level they need to reach in all the other topics that have to be covered.

My most recent degree was a BA (Hons) degree in Economics at the University of Cambridge (graduated 2007).
Before this, I was studying full time at Sutton Grammar School for Boys where besides studying for A-Levels in Maths, Economics, Physics, Chemistry and AS Further Maths, I was Finance Director for my Young Enterprise Company, I completed the Silver Award for the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and I participated in all the schools music concerts as a Piano soloist, Accompanist and Singer.
I am now a tutor because I enjoy the satisfaction of helping students improve their knowledge and understanding of Economics. I feel that by taking students through the various thought processes and discussion needed to overcome the difficulties of this challenging subject I can make a big difference to their approach to studying and learning in general.

Recent Tuition
I have tutored over 50 people in Economics (at A-level, IB, iGCSE and degree level) since I began tutoring in 2008. Most have gained either an A-or B-grade, in some cases coming up from D-and E-grades. All have managed to achieve the grade they needed to get into the university of their choice with some going on to read Economics. Two people I helped with interview practice secured places at Cambridge.
Please find some case studies below representative of my experience:

Michael - hoping to improve on his D-grades in Unit 1 and 2, Michael approached me for tuition in his A2 year. Together we worked intensively on improving his exam technique and concentrating on evaluation skills. In January 2012 he re-took Unit 1 and moved up to an A. For the challenging Transport-module he achieved a B-grade first time. This was a massive improvement on his AS performance and now we are preparing for his Unit 2 re-take and final Global Economics module. He is now aiming for an A-overall which, he is much more confident of achieving in light of his recent results.
Patrick - having failed his How Markets work and why they Fail-(Unit 1) mock test, Patrick needed some urgent help ahead of his pending exam (January 2012) in order to reach his potential. I was able to identify the gaps in his knowledge, pointing him towards the areas that he needed to prioritise in order to give him the best chance in the exam. In the actual exam he did exceptionally well, moving up to an A-grade.
Charlie - after performing poorly in his AS levels, Charlie needed to move up a few grades to stand a chance of getting into the university of his choice. He had a number of problems giving key definitions so I ensured that every lesson we went over all the terms he had difficulties defining, finding better ways for him to memorise until he knew them perfectly. We also prepared model answers for both his Unit 1 retake and first attempt at Unit 3. In Unit 1 (How Markets work and why they fail) he did fantastically well and moved up to an A, whereas for Unit 3 (Business Economics) he did brilliantly to achieve a B in a very challenging paper. He is now aiming for an A-grade overall having boosted his average score significantly in January 2012.
Sarah - Having been entered into the How Markets Work and Why they Fail-(Unit 1) paper for January 2012 last minute by her school, Sarah felt she needed some extra help to prepare her for the exam. There was not enough lesson time at school to finish the syllabus so I ensured that we went through the remainder of the material meticulously until she had a good enough understanding of Market Failure and Government intervention to do well. She achieved her potential in the exam, achieving a good A-grade, which was outstanding given the short time she had to prepare.

Hobbies and Interests
My main hobby is playing Classical piano
I am currently enrolled in music course at Goldmiths College in London where I am in the Piano Performance and Musicianship classes. I am hoping to learn composition next year. At the weekend I like to play 5-a-side football and I am a keen club-level badminton player.

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