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About Me
Chemistry and Biology have always been my passion both at school and university. I have therefore continued to study these subjects in more depth in my higher education, making them both my specialist subjects. Having a strong base and specific interest in Maths and Physics as well, I consider myself a perfect candidate to tutor these subjects.

I have been tutoring for over eight years now and it has always been a passion of mine. The rewarding feeling of being able to help someone is what I most enjoy. I try and connect with my tutees as I believe that this will enhance the communication and resulting in better learning, consequently the results will be brought to a higher degree. I try and transmit my interest for the subject in order to engage the pupil fully. Overall, I believe I am enthusiastic and committed.

I am currently studying Graduate entry Medicine in University of Birmingham, having just started my third year, and hoping to specialise in Psychiatry when I graduate. I was previously reading Natural Sciences at UCL, graduating with a Msci first class honours . This degree has given me the opportunity to explore a wide range of science topics and to create my own personal degree, focussing on Neuroscience as my major stream.

Before starting at UCL I was a student at Kings College Madrid, a British school based in the capital of Spain. Studying in the british education system ever since I was 4 has enabled me to be completely bilingual in English and Spanish. This opened up the opportunity to continue with my higher education in the UK, and finally getting a place at UCL. My experience here has been extremely positive and rewarding.

My tutoring career started when I was 16 years old when I was offered a job as a private tutor to a boy that was struggling to keep up with his English and consequently his other subjects (that were also taught in english). I discovered a passion for tutoring as it allows me to deeply connect with my tutees and help them with a personalized lesson that focuses on their specific needs. I find tutoring to be an extremely rewarding and satisfying job and as a consequence I have carried on tutoring ever since.

2013- present: University of Birmingham

MBChB Graduate Medicine Entry Course-Competitive, accelerated, 4 year medicine course.

2009- 2013: University College London

Msci Natural Sciences (Major in Brain, Behaviour and Cognition and Minor in Organic Chemistry)

Flexible and challenging degree that has provided me with key skills in several elements of science including analytical, written and problem solving skills to finally specialise in one area of expertise.
Grade awarded: 1st Class (74%)
Key topics:

Functional Advanced Neuroanatomy Physical Chemistry
Neuropharmacology Topics in Clinical Psychology
Principles and Methods of Organic Synthesis Statistics
Masters project: Clinical research work investigating smoking addiction in patients with Schizophrenia.

Recent Tuition

Young Professionals tutorial College (London): Tutoring 9-16 year olds in a variety of subjects including Common entrance 11+ exams, Chemistry, Physics and Biology to GCSE students and younger students.
IGCSE Physics, AS Maths, A2 Maths and Personal statement and Medicine application guidance for Mith. Mith is an excellent student that just needs extra confidence in order to be extraordinary. I tutor Mith via Skype using a variety of online resources and her results have been outstanding every year.
IB Middle years maths (Year 8) tutoring for Louis. Louis was having difficulty concentrating and engaging with Maths and together we worked on this. He progressed well throughout the year and ended his year with good grades.
Pre-GCSE science, maths and Spanish: I worked with 14 year old Martha twice weekly throughout the last academic year. We revised topics covered in school that Martha did not feel confident with. We prepared for ongoing tests and end of year exams.
Homeschooling IGCSE Physics for Maddy. I prepared Maddy as her main Physics tutor for a few months.
Teresa Braganza Summer School: English teacher for infants aged 3 to 6. Working with nursery children proved to be challenging but extremely rewarding.
Residential Tutor in English, Science and History to Marc Pina age 13. I tutored Marc for 2 years and helped him get his English, Science and History grades up from D to B.
Volunteer Summer Camp Teacher in Puebla, Mexico during one summer. I was involved with NGOs "Ayuda en Accion" and "Fundacion de Ayuda Infantil" in a project that engaged the local community children in various educational activities.

Hobbies and Interests
Sport has always played a key part in my life. Competing in both Gymnastics and Horse riding when I was younger set a base for my love for sports. Previously, I have been a member of the UCL Lacrosse team. I especially enjoy the team effort and outdoors spirit. Coming from a milder climate, I particularly enjoy surfing which perfectly combines sport and nature.
Travelling and discovering new countries has always been one of my hobbies. Having been brought up in an international environment and having lived in various countries, I have developed a love for discovering new cultures, trying to engage with locals as much as possible.

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