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About Me
In addition to a breadth of detailed knowledge - gleaned from an academic career which has taken in degrees in History of Art and Philosophy, International Development, and Human Geography - I have a number of years of teaching experience, working at every level from primary to undergraduate.
I believe that what all learners need is a comprehensive assessment of their strengths and weaknesses and a program of tuition which is suitably bespoke to address them efficiently. In doing this, a strong rapport is essential and I like to think that I am successful in achieving them with students of all ages and abilities.

Recent Tuition

11+ preparation: Weekly lessons with Emma, who is currently in Year 5. We have been working together since she was in Year 4, with a short gap in tuition over the Spring term. Emma has dyslexia and so struggles with spellings and learning times tables.
Year 7 and 8 Maths, English and Study Skills: Weekly lessons with Tom, focusing on all subjects but mostly English and Maths. Tom has dyspraxia and so struggles with sequencing tasks. I have had to be particularly creative at helping Tom learn his times tables - a job which Tom has previously found fairly tedious but understands is necessary. It has been a challenge to keep Tom motivated but he is making good progress here.
7+ : Long term in house tutoring to 6 year old Damien for CE skills in general (Concentrated on reading and writing skills).
A Level Geography with David:

A Level Student seeking pre-exam reinforcement in aspects of Physical Geography. The student met his grades and gained a place at his first choice university - Bristol.

GCSE Geography with Amy:

Student required a half years tuition in Geography GCSE - her weakest subject. Moved up from D in Mocks to an A.

In house day time tuition for boy with ADHD, Dyselxia, Dyspraxia and Autism:

Adrian had been excluded from all schools in local area. Showed rapid improvement in both subjects and gained acceptance at a local school the following year (Geography and Spanish)

Library and outdoor based tuition for 10 year old boy (Tajani) with acquired brain injury affecting language skill. Pursued roughly 50/50 ratio of study and exercise in each session (Reading and Writing Proficiency)

Hobbies and Interests
My interest in international development and poverty reduction (the subject of my Ph.D.)stems from a long standing love of travel, which has taken me across most of Europe and Asia and includes a two year period working with a team researching urban slums in Cambodias capital, Phnom Penh.
During my undergraduate days in Durham I put my years of classical guitar training to unorthodox use in a three piece pop band with which I played gigs all around the North East.
All three interests remain very much with me to this day.

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