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About Me
Over the course of several years of tutoring experience I have had the delight of teaching a diverse range of students in a variety of capacities: from last minute revision sessions to nurturing students throughout the academic year. In many instances I have been the sole source of educational provision in cases where a student has been excluded from mainstream education. As evidenced in consistently high standards of feedback, in every case I have been quick to establish a healthy rapport and a strong working relationship with students. With a good knowledge of curricula and exam syllabuses, I have developed a rigorous and engaging teaching style - delivered in an understanding and sensitive manner - which I have constantly adapted to the specific requirements of each client. It has been hugely rewarding working with both students and parents to achieve success and I look forward to embracing future teaching opportunities.

Hobbies and Interests
My main interest other than teaching is music. I am a central member in several musical projects, spanning several genres, as a percussionist, trumpeter and vocalist. As such, I devote a significant portion of my time to writing, rehearsing and performing. I have also recently set up my own proofreading agency which I continue to operate on a part-time basis. I enjoy assembling, repairing and riding road bikes which I have found is an excellent way to keep fit. I also have a keen interest in the arts and literature.

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