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English Literature

About Me
My ethos when teaching is to encourage the student as much as possible in order to boost their confidence in the subject we are looking through together. I lived in France for 15 years growing up bilingual, I also lived in Austria and Italy and studied German and Italian at University. I have a passion for the languages I speak and their cultures. I love teaching students and encouraging them to feel the same!

I am very patient with children and always strive to make my lessons enjoyable, fun and multi-sensory. Whether they struggle with a learning difficulty or not, I find these elements in teaching paramount to a childs success and key for building their self-esteem and confidence in learning.

I am qualifying this year to be a Specialist Teacher (dyslexia) - OCR Level 5 at Fairley House.

My most recent degree was an MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology after completing a BA in German and Italian (both at University College London), for which I received a high 2:1 for with a Distinction in Spoken Italian.

I went to school in France, outside Paris and therefore did the French Baccalaureate with an International Option. I am bilingual with French as a language that I speak on a day to day basis. I have taught children both one on one and as a teacher in summer schools and Kindergarten. I love to impart the knowledge that I have acquired and help children get motivated about the subjects that they struggle with. I believe the most important thing is giving a child confidence and making them realise they know much more than they think they do!

Recent Tuition
I have, for the last 2 years, been working as a Specialist tutor at Emerson House and Amanda McLeod Centre for Learning (two of the leading specialist centres in London for Specific Learning Difficulties) where I teach Literacy and Maths four times a week. I am also qualifying to be a Specialist Teacher (dyslexia and dyscalculia specialist) through the OCR Level 5 course led at Fairley House School.Below is a selection of my students, current and past, representative of my experience.

Lorcan: a Year 6 dyslexic student who I give specialist support to twice weekly at his home. I focus on Literacy, specifically helping him to build up his phonological awareness, Spelling, Reading and Writing, in time for his SATs exams.
Toby: I have led Toby through his 13+ common entrance exams, seeing him every half term giving him ongoing help but also intensive revision sessions up to the exam. His confidence in French has shot up and he now calls it his favourite subject!
Freddie: I teach on a daily basis with Freddie (10) on numeracy, literacy and Touch-typing at Emerson House, a specialised centre for Dyslexia. I am training him up before he will be sent to Bruern Abbey in September, covering his years syllabus. I am working to improve his spelling, comprehension, and finding systems for his Maths work.
Jaime: I work with Jaime on a bi-weekly basis, helping him with his Maths and English, training him up for his 11+.
Anthony, Elise and Meghane: I work with these three children on a weekly basis, working on the French Tricolore 1 programme. They all have the capacity to take their GCSEs early so I am working hard with them to ensure that.
Fatima: I work with Fatima on a weekly basis to improve her German GCSE, for which she recently acquired an A* for her controlled assessment and best in the class for her oral. Fatima is dyslexic and I also work on her study skills and organisational skills, aiming always to keep her on top of her work with self-assurance. I also tutor Fatima English GCSE, working to structure her essays appropriately. We work together at The McLeod Centre for Learning, another specialist centre for Dyslexia.
Jean-Paul: I work with Jean-Paul on a weekly basis to teach him English, starting with the alphabet, blending, rhyming and general English speaking. He is 6 years old and English is his second language.
Giann: I am working with Giaan who is 5 and needs help with literacy and numeracy.
Alistair: I have tutored Alistair GCSE German, we focussed on the Grammar but also speaking because Alistair can be a little shy.
Nikita: tutored for AS French. We concentrate on Grammar, Spelling and Writing because his speaking is very good.
Leyla: tutored GCSE German. We focussed on Grammar (particularly endings) and on her spoken German. She received an A in her GCSEs after struggling in the subject.
Tarik: (8 years old) tutored him in English, helping with homework difficulties. Tarik suffers with ADD and can be quite disruptive in class. I gave him a lot of support and helped him approach work in a calm and relaxed way.
Ozan: tutored Theatre Studies at AS Level, helping to write in a way to answer the questions appropriately. I also helped Oz with his English work. He lacked confidence in the Arts subjects, but by the end realised he was good at them!
Hochschule in Gaming - Summer School Teacher (full-time June 2011):

I was in charge of a summer camp under the leadership of Jerome Small. I taught 18 children English, aged 9-11. The aim of the camp was to encourage children to see learning a foreign language as an exciting experience.

Day-Mer Community Centre - Kindergarten Teacher (part-time Sept 10 - June 11):

I was in charge of a group of 15-20 children aged 2-6 years old in a Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre in London. I taught the children English once a week, helping with their homework. I also led conversation classes for the older children of 11-14 years.

Kindergarten Sonnenschein - Primary Teacher and Helper (part-time Sept 09 - Feb 10):

I taught a group of children English once a week on my Year Abroad in Vienna. The group was 15 children ages 2-6.

Hobbies and Interests
I love to play the violin, piano and sing which I have Grades 8s for. I sing in the Goldsmiths Choral Union and play in the London Gypsy Orchestra. I am very sporty and I am training for the Marathon in Istanbul for next year!

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