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About Me
My specialist subjects are English and Maths at 11+ and 13+ and GCSE. I also teach elocution, carry out sessions for general study support and skills and for younger children, phonics, educational play. I have helped my students get into their desired schools, raise their grades, improve their confidence and find new ways of learning.
I come from an arts background, having graduated from University of Bristol with a 2:1 in BA English and Drama and then going on to study Postgraduate Acting at Drama Studio London.
My desire to tutor evolves from my own personal schooling experiences. I attended a small private school (Twycross House School) from 3 to 18 years which boasted an intimate and academic atmosphere where classes consisted of three pupils to one teacher, sometimes teaching was even one to one. I am eager to teach in the style I personally thrived under and a system which I believe is the best.
In my opinion a good tutor is someone who creates an open, creative and positive space, outside of the school classroom, where the student feels confident in trying new things and is not afraid or embarrassed to get things wrong.
I have spent a lot of time in the company of children as a tutor, nanny and workshop leader and thus understand the demands of different age groups and can always find a way to relate and work with them successfully. I aim to inject new energy and find new strategies that will help my student get the best results.
After graduation from university I trained as an actress at Drama Studio London where I graduated with Postgraduate Diploma in Acting. Alongside my tutoring positions I now also work professionally as an actress. writer and comedienne.
I come from a very academic background and shocked my teachers and peers when I said I wanted to become an actor as I was always a very high achiever. I got 10 A*s at GCSE and AAAA at A Level. I attended Twycross House School from aged 4-18 and excelled early at reading and spelling and studied GCSE Maths a year early. I enjoyed the small, homelike atmosphere which often provided me with one-on-one learning which is why I am a good tutor as I was brought up on it.
I am a tutor primarily because I love seeing a child that begins with a cant do attitude progress, excel and exceed their own expectations. With a tutor like myself children can find a passion and enjoyment for the subject. I know which tutoring styles work, vary according to children and make lessons fun and exciting.

Recent Tuition

RECENT SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL ENTRANCES: St Pauls, Colet Court, Habs, Dulwich Prep, Dulwich College, Kings Canterbury.

English (AQA Lit A: World War 1 Literature) October 2012-Jan 2013 AS

Katie got a D in her AS Level last year but I helped her achieve a B grade. I worked hard with her to build up a database of stock quotes and set phrases for her essays so that she knows her three texts (Journeys End, Scars Upon My Heart and Regeneration) inside out. I provided her with wider reading essays and helped her with exam essay technique.

GCSE German, December - February 2012, Alistair Ekrami

Alistair (14yo) has Aspergers Syndrome and needed special care and attention when it came to establishing a structure for our classes and working out the best way for us to communicate. We built up a strong bond and the time he spent sitting down working increased dramatically. It was great to see him find enjoyment in the subject through us writing about his computer games in German.

13+ Common Entrance and study skills with Molly and Joe on a residential basis at the family home in France - and for daily tuition in London. Focus on English and maths. October 2014- June 2015. Residential visits to Paris for twins - Molly and Joe. (Update: Successful entry into Kings School Canterbury 2015)

Working with twins both together and individually on study skills, revision and exam technique for English, Maths and Science. Both have problems retaining information and require a lot of work on accuracy and confidence so we worked on a new way of home learning that they could continue with when I left them. I learned a lot as a tutor working with twins over the course of a year. Since meeting them last September, regular assessments show they are both steadily improving, getting better marks at school and they both passed their assessments to gain entry into their desired school.

13+ Common Entrance English and home work support/study skills, December - January 2014. (Update: Successful entry into Dulwich College)

Intensive study for Boris to find the enjoyment in his school work and instil confidence in his ability. After a successful entry into Dulwich, I stayed working with Boris as we formed a strong bond and our varied sessions included comprehension, composition, analysis of newspaper articles, speech writing, letters and poetry. We also worked on his essay structure in History and English.

LAMDA Exam Preparation, 12yo, April 2013-June 2013

Working on poem and text with Anna in preparation for her LAMDA examination in June. We begin each session with an energetic warm up and speech exercises and then work on her pieces focusing on colour, tone and atmosphere. We also work on character backstories and supporting questions to do with the texts.

11+ English, maths and exam preparation, April 2014

Intensive weekend revision for Alejandro (10yo) who is sitting common entrance exams in London this month. English is his weakest subject so we spent lots of time focussing on finding his confidence and writing about things he loved in a structured and intellectual way. We enjoyed working through composition, comprehension and then onto his favourite subject, Maths. By the end of the weekend Alejandro understood the nature of the exam fully and was raring to go.

11+ English Maths, October 2013-Present

Camille (9yo) is a bright young girl who is highly creative but lacks confidence when putting her ideas down on paper. She has not gelled with her teachers at school so we work hard in our lessons ensuring she does all her homework to the best of her ability. We alternate our lessons between Maths, English and History and I have started to introduce elements of the 11+ paper into our sessions by way of comprehension, story writing and MA tests.

7+ English and Maths, February 2013-present (currently at Connaught House) Alexander (6yo) is a talkative, friendly young fellow and will talk for hours about dinosaurs and subjects he loves but he finds schoolwork boring and therefore he is starting to fall behind in his class. I am using games and play as a tool for learning and trying to discover which is the best way for him to learn. I am eager for him to discover the joy of reading and develop a genuine passion for literature.
7+ Maths, English and exam preparation, October 2013-January 2014

Update: Successful entry into Colet Court

Kynan is a wonderfully bright and creative child who far exceeds the level of intelligence required of him however because he is so able he lacks concentration to do tests which he isnt pushed in. My two hour sessions combine past papers but also creative projects as a reward. It is most important to teach him that he just has to do what the school need him to do and then he can go off on a creative tangent.
EFL (5 yr old French twins)June - July 2013, Maddy and Joseph

To improve the twins-grasp of the English language I constructed a weekly programme where we played games, read books, sing songs and engage in practical activities which incorporated practical conversation and vocabulary. I set them fun weekly skills tests which demonstrated their progress and helped their relationship as they worked together as a team. I also planned trips that incorporated practical experience and application of language.

5+ Assessment Preparation, October 2013 - February 2014. (Update: Successful entry into Haberdashers Askes School For Girls)

I am working to bring Hana (4yrs old) out of her shell and provide her with some tools to use so that she doesnt get so nervous in interview and group situations. When nervous she tends to lose her can-do attitude so we work to keep that up at all times.

4+ Assessment Preparation September 2013-December 2013 with Hector Ptolemy (3.5yo twins). (Update: Successful entry into Dulwich Prep)

Educational play for these wonderful but boisterous twins. Mum was worried that they are too dependent on each other in social situations so I worked to bring out their individual personalities by focussing on their favourite things and them each choosing a different book or game to play
Hector enjoyed playing with trains but Ptolemy likes Play Doh so we would incorporate both into our session. I used play to unleash their creativity but also made sure we were constantly talking and engaging with one another and playing in a productive and positive way.

4+ One off assessment. Triplets (3yrs old)

Creative play session in preparation for London assessments. Worked with boys together and individually to ensure we were getting the best out of each child.

Hobbies and Interests
I have a Diploma in Acting from Drama Studio London. I hope to pursue a career as an actor with a leaning towards creating educational and interactive theatre for children. I have seen a large amount of kids theatre and for my practical dissertation at University of Bristol I created a show based on Alice in Wonderland and as research carried out a number of workshops with various age groups at a school in Worcestershire. I have since found this experience invaluable as I saw the varying ways in which different age groups react to theatre and tasks they are set. As part of my drama school training I also played the Giantess in Jack and The Beanstalk which toured around West London schools.
I also enjoy music, film, cooking, reading, travelling and sports.

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