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About Me
My specialist subjects are Psychology and Modern Foreign Languages as well as GCSE Science. I have also taught for 7+ and 11+ exams, Key Stage 2 and for children with special educational needs such as Autism.
Since I graduated from the University of Leeds in 2009 I have spent my time working in various educational settings
this has been predominantly alongside children and adolescents with communication, behavioural and emotional difficulties as well as young people with Autistic Spectrum Condition. I have also worked in high achieving mainstream secondary schools as a Learning Mentor devising educational plans to maximise potential in both underachieving students as well as Gift and Talented students.
As a result my approach to tutoring is flexible. I have learnt that for effective learning to take place and for learning to be consolidated, it is absolutely fundamental that every students individual learning style is considered- be this visual, kinaesthetic or auditory. I make it my priority to build a good rapport with my students and I believe understanding the fears, hobbies, future ambitions and interests of each of my students allows me to tailor tutoring to their personality.
I am currently studying at the Tavistock and Portman Clinic for a Masters degree in Child and Adolescent Developmental/Observational Studies, this links directly to Child Psychotherapy training. This had helped me understand children and adolescents in their unique and individual ways which has in turn enabled me to build appropriate rapports with them. I have found that this has always broke down barriers to learning and fostered achievement.
Given that a lot of my work has been varied working with children in the Early Years Foundation stage of school right up to GSCE level, it has been of paramount importance to devise learning activities that are fun, creative and interactive to keep them stimulated and I pride myself in finding original, creative and challenging but comprehensible ways of learning.

Masters at Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust (expected June 2013) pre requisite to Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy training- Psychoanalytic Observational Studies)
Bsc University of Leeds, Psychology, 1st Class Honours
3 A levels, AAB
11 GCSEs- 7A*s, 3 As, 1 B

Recent Tuition

November 2013- Preparation for 7 plus exams with Parsa who is a bilingual Spanish and English speaker. Parsa and I have been working on his composition skills mostly as well as covering some core maths skills, e.g. money (he is familiar with euros but not pounds) and time.
August 2013- 3 weeks intensive tutoring in Italy to two 12 year old students, teaching English as Second Language. Both boys were quite boisterous and at first difficult to engage- I had to therefore ensure the lessons were structured well with short bursts of interactive activities followed by intense work alone.
May-July 2013- Preparation for 7 plus exams with two children Chloe and Josh, 2 hours per week. This involved weekly progress updates to show the children how they were improving week to week.
September 2012- May 2013- Private tuition in GCSE Core Science for two Year 11 students, group and one to one work as well as individual mentoring assessing what emotional, social factors were affecting their underachievement. I then tailored work according to their individual needs.
I also devised a revision timetable for the boys and taught them effective time management skills as well as revision techniques. The boys were all predicted to fail due to their attitude to learning with our hard work they achieved C grades.
January 2013- April 2013- Delivered a literacy programme to a 15 old student with Autism in preparation for GCSE English. This included past papers, marking and going through essay questions, making essay plans, going through key themes in the key texts and doing brainstorms. James managed to achieve two grades higher than he was predicted and his standard of written English improved significantly.
September 2012- Pre school tuition with two twins. Pre school tuition (English Language) with two 4 year old twins. To improve the twinss grasp of the English language I constructed a weekly programme where we played games, read books, sang songs and engaged in practical activities such as meal time and playing which aimed at improving conversational skills and general vocabulary. I set them stimulating weekly tests which assessed and showed the twins themselves their progress which increased their confidence. I also have planned fun day trips so the girls could practice their language skills out in normal settings. Given their age I always endeavoured to keep it simple and appropriate and keep it fun so it was perceived as less of a "lesson".

Hobbies and Interests
As well as my job, I am a student at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust studying Psychoanalytic Observational Studies at Masters level. This course has been useful in equipping me with the understanding of factors that influence a students learning besides the academic side, (for example the emotional, behavioural or physical needs of a child) and in helping me overcome these obstacles in my work. I do various voluntary work with kids, such as yoga and recreational activities in Childrens centres.
After the Masters I intend to train as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist or an Educational Psychologist.
As well as tutoring, I work one day a week as an Assistant Psychologist alongside a Clinical Psychologist in a Child and Adolescent Team. In terms of hobbies, I do a lot of yoga and climbing as well as reading. I am very interested in yoga for children with special needs and this is because I believe that underachievement can be linked to various emotional, physical and social needs. I also enjoy travelling and practising my modern language skills speaking Italian and Spanish.

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