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About Me
I teach English Literature, History and Spanish, all at GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, IB level and exam preparation for 11+ and 13+ entrance exams. I also teach Russian.
My students academic successes are the best indicators of the quality of the tuition I deliver. I am able to help my students achieve their desired results by working with the potential they already have and the effort they are already putting into their studies.
An IGCSE and later IB graduate myself, it is clear to me that the best way to succeed at ones studies is to enjoy the process of learning. I always take care to make my lessons intelligently fun for young people.
I taught IB in Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest, The Netherlands, from 2003 until 2004, in Country Garden World School in Guangdong, China from 2006-2008 and in Auckland International College in Auckland, New Zealand, from 2008 until 2009.
In 2003, I received my MA in English, with Distinction, from Leiden University, having majored in comparative literature.
Thereafter, I spent several years traveling the world and teaching university and IB (MYP and DP) English in Asia and Oceania.
In 2011, I followed up my literary studies with a PhD degree in Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial studies, at the School of African and Oriental Studies. I will be graduating in 2015.
In addition to my tutoring, studies, and motherhood, I also act as a language ambassador in the widening participation sector of my university and often visit state schools, where I teach interactive world literature lessons in an effort to inspire young people of underprivileged backgrounds to continue with their academic studies beyond high school.

1998-2003 MA English (Leiden University)
2011-2015 PhD Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (SOAS, Univeristy of London)

Recent Tuition

IB English Literature SL - First Year IB tuition on a daily basis during the Easter holidays, to twins Tom and Toffy, who attend Marlborough College. The students were struggling with the technique of writing literary essays. We spent a lot of time on essay structure, writing technique, terminology, and text passages analysis.
IB English Literature SL - Two years of IB English tuition with Sharon, who attended Sevenoaks school. We worked hard on learning to analyze texts at a more academically demanding level. Sharon regularly and consistently wrote and rewrote essays on complete works as well as commentary essays on poems, to practice for her final exams. She was predicted for a 6, but with a lot of hard work and my gentle but demanding tuition, received 7, in the end. This mark helped her secure a place at UCL, where she dreamed to study Architecture.
IB English Literature HL - Tuition with Sufiyah in preparation for her IB May 2014 exams. We mainly worked on essay writing techniques for both Papers One and Two. Sufiyah is an enthusiastic student and has a genuine love for the subject, so her needs were to tighten her structure and overall essay cohesion.
IB English Literature HL - First Year IB regular tuition for Rylie and Lucy, who attend Cheltenham Ladies College. Our work involves discussion and analysis of literary works and Paper One passages / poems, as well as literary essay writing techniques.
16+ English Literature - Two-month intensive tuition with Ray, who was preparing to take the Cheltenham Ladies College Sixth Form entrance test. She was hoping to be admitted on the IB program and take English Higher Level, which she was able to achieve.
11+ and 13+ English and Maths tuition for entrance exams at Kings School in Wimbledon, Dulwich College, Cheltenham Ladies College, and City of London School.
11+ Intensive Maths and English Preparation - With a focus on exam papers, I ensured that by focussing on weaker areas of practice papers with engaging exercises, that the student was prepared for entrance into some of London\s most competitive schools.
13+ Two weeks of Intensive English preparation for entrance into Cheltenham Ladies College.
7+ - Tutored Literacy from 2010 to 2012 to a group of 5 children.


A2 History - A2 Level tuition to Tom focusing purely on historical essay technique two months before his exams. Tom had a genuine interest for history, but couldnt quite balance the technical demands of the subject with his understanding of the events and historical context of these. After having met a couple of times, we decided that the best way would be for Tom to send me his essays in and receive them back with my detailed feedback, after which he would produce a rewrite. This method proved useful as Toms writing did improve and he got the results he was hoping for, in the end.
IB History - Turotred through Tudor BEC College several students who needed help with IB History curriculum. At Aucklnad International College, I also supervised two students in their History Extended Essay.
GCSE History - Tutored Jamie who a little confused and anxious about his History exam when we first met. We worked towards first clarifying the material for him, and second, practicing exam techniques to boost his confidence. On a personal level, I took History Higher Level at IB and got a 7 at the exams.


Sixth Form entrance Spanish - Tutored Spanish to Joon-hyong in his preparation for the Sixth Form entrance exams to Westminster School. He passed the exams with ease and was invited to the interview. We practiced interview techniques and oral Spanish, so that he increased his chances of being accepted. He was offered a place at the school, as a result of his hard work.
GCSE CIE Spanish - Tutored Jun-young in CIE Spanish (all parts but speaking) close to her exams. We practiced mainly past exam papers and techniques. Her final result for Spanish was A.
GCSE Edexcel Spanish - Worked with Edward on his Spanish coursework, oral, writing, and reading levels, to help him achieve an A*. He graduated with the result we worked on.
CIE Spanish - Taught the twins Erika and Sonya beginners Spanish. We went through the grammatical and reading comprehension aspects of Spanish, so that they can successfully apply for the GCSE program. They were accepted at the end of the year (2012).


UCL Russian - Undergraduate tuition with Tom toward his final exams at the end of the year. He aimed to He has just informed me that he will be getting a first thanks to his Russian exam.

Hobbies and Interests
My interests are diverse, but I deeply appreciate and love the quiet and reflective atmosphere of the mountains. I also love to take walks in the woods, along the seashore, in the company of animal and human friends and family.

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