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About Me
I am trilingual, have had lots of previous experience as a tutor and am very good with people! I find great satisfaction in generating and amplifying students enthusiasm and interest in their subject matter. I consistently raise grades to a very high level (band 4 GCSE so far) and aim to make my students feel supported, encouraged and challenged.

I most recently graduated from the London International School of Performing Arts with aa post graduate diploma. Before that I graduated from Kings College London with a 2:1 in Philosophy BA.

Recent Tuition

I have most recently been tutoring Lucy for GCSE Italian and Leo for English. Leo is 9 years old and has just moved to London so he is learning from scratch. I have been developing techniques to teach him English and keep him up to date with his schoolwork which is often at a more advanced level than he is currently at. So far he has made speedy progress! I have tutored English as a foreign language at Cambridge Advanced Exam level and raised two pupils grades from B to A* for English literature and language at GCSE level last year. I also hold Italian conversation classes for more mature students.
IB Italian - In April and May 2014 I worked intensively with Leily who was preparing for her IB exams in Italian (beginners). We worked extremely hard to get Leilys basic knowledge up to speed in the little time we had, with her achieving a well deserved 4 in her final exam.

Hobbies and Interests
I am an actress. I work in theatre and have my own theatre company. I also work in film and create comedy sketches in a partnership. I have a flexible timetable and am reliable and dedicated to my pupils. I have consistently raised grades to the desired level. I am trilingual -English, Italian and French.
I have a degree in Philosophy from Kings College and got 88.64% at European Baccalaureate level.
I am currently doing one on one tutoring for GCSE level english literature and language

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