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About Me

My specialist subjects are Philosophy and English Literature and I can also teach Political Theory. I am passionate about education and believe that learning need not be a dull and stressful chore but should be thought-provoking and even exciting. My educational methodology revolves around mutual respect between tutor and student with a focus on building confidence and motivation through student-directed goal setting and incremental progress checks. I also tailor my lessons to suit both these requirements and deliver classes with clear goals in an engaging and fun manner.

I have four years of experience teaching students from the ages of 11 to 16 and a further two years teaching adults at tertiary level. During this time I have taught a wide variety of students with unique learning styles and levels of expectation.

My previous tutoring position was in Seoul, South Korea where I was head teacher of a private academy with 1,200 students. My teaching responsibilities centered around preparing middle-school students for the highly competitive entrance exams for English speaking high-schools and the countrys top universities. The curriculum included essay-writing, public speaking, exam-taking and interview techniques and critical thinking. I also ran the schools debate team and A.V. society which won numerous inter-school awards for film-making and creative writing.

Through working together with my students for extended periods, we developed a strong connection and I am still in contact with many of them. They keep me up-to-date with their academic progress and occasionally ask for advice with their studies. I am proud of them all and count their development as well-rounded young people to be as significant as any of their many academic accomplishments.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside my academic pursuits, I have many interests including the Arts, science, politics and music. I am lucky to live in London and spend much of my free time enjoying the splendid galleries, libraries, theatres and museums. I enjoy travelling and have volunteered in childrens charities in six different countries. I am a keen snowboarder, rugby player and am fanatical about long distance hiking. I recently walked the 800km long Camino de Santiago in Spain and plan on visiting Japan to hike the Shikoku Pilgrimage in 2012. I am currently a postgraduate in the London School of Economics so the majority of my time is taken up with my own study.

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