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<p><strong>Teaching Experience&nbsp;</strong></p>

<p>iGCSE Science<br />
2016: Preparing a 15 year old girl for her January mocks, Using various assessment techniques, I crafted&nbsp;detailed lessons based on her weakest points of knowledge, drawing on a variety of multimedia resources including video, diagramatic and relatable analogy to fill the gaps. Covering the breadth of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and the mechanisms by which they are connected.</p>

<p>GCSE English &amp; Maths<br />
2016: Taught a variety of study skills aimed at preparing a 14 year old girl for her Maths and English Literature GCSEs. Structured personalised learning plans and set relevant homework to stretch the student and test the skills we worked on in lesson. Covered core algebra and&nbsp;operation methods, as well as&nbsp;stylistic analysis, and essay writing exploring textual themes.</p>

<p>Year 4 English<br />
2016: Helping an advanced year 4 student stretch her capabilities. Sourced comprehension work, discussed literacy skills, encouraged an increased &nbsp;consumption of literature with a recommended reading list,&nbsp;setting book reviews as homework. Explored preliminary essay writing skills, including topic analysis and essay structure.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<p>2 Primary School Girls<br />
2014-2015: Additional study and activities after school, a few days a week. Preparation for secondary school entry following re-entry into the UK schooling system after years abroad. We repaired&nbsp;gaps in foundational Literacy and Numeracy knowledge and general study and thinking skills. Their teachers reported a significant improvement in their attainments at school and their drive to engage with the class and learn since we began in September.</p>

<p>A Level Study Group<br />
2012-2013: Coaching a group of peers with difficult topics in Maths and occasionally Langauges. Converting class teaching into understandable and more easily processed chunks.</p>

<p>Year 7 Paired Reading<br />
2011-2012: Assisting in the improvement of literacy skills.</p>

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