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About Me
I have been tutoring for over four years, predominantly for exam preparation for 7+, 11+, 13 + and GCSE. My specialist subjects are English and Art and I also teach a range of other subjects from Classics to Maths and Chemistry. I have a wide range of experience teaching Common Entrance and have taught maths and English to students aged 7-16.

I have worked closely with families over a sustained period to help children get the most out of their abilities and do their very best in exam situations.
I have experience of teaching children with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, and always aim to be understanding and target a students specific learning needs.
I also have experience tutoring for the American ISEE exams.
I have a wide knowledge of the English Literature and Language exams at GCSE level and Literature at A Level.
I also have experience of tutoring Art and Art History at A level, and a wide range of skills and strong knowledge base from my BFA (Hons) in Fine Art. I graduated in 2010 from Oxford University.
I have a strong interest in the humanities, art, cinema, history and architecture but also a wide knowledge and understanding of science, maths and geography. I am currently tutoring GCSE Chemistry and Geography, for example.

University of Oxford, 2007-2010, BFA Hons. Fine Art 2:1.
Stratford-upon-Avon Grammar School for Girls, 2000-2007, GCSE A level (A) (A) (A).
ASA Level 1 Swimming teaching qualification.

*** I am an approved SLT Senior Tutor. Please note my higher hourly rate. ***

Recent Tuition
Below is a selection of students I have worked or am currently working with, representative of my experience.
Home schooling

Ghalia (6) September 2014-current- early years home schooling focusing on developing speech and language, phonics, number and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. I work with Ghalia 12.5 hours per week, over 4 days. I work closely with Ghalias second home schooling tutor and with her speech and language therapist.
Residential Tutoring
Grace (8), Oliver (10), July-August 2013- I spent 2 weeks with Grace and Oliver in their family home in Brussels, tutoring English, reading and writing, and Mathematics in order to keep them up to speed with the British curriculum and to extend learning for possible 11+ entrance examinations. Focus on creative learning, story writing and fun Mathematics problem solving.

Residential Tutoring

Gabriel (5), August 2013- I spent 10 days with Gabriel on holiday in Italy. Our focus was on Literacy and Numeracy as well as creative play, to extend confidence with phonics and ensure Gabriel was ready to re-enter a school environment in September.


English - St Pauls Scholarship
Sustained tuition for a boy taking the St Pauls scholarship

Prep School Level Tuition:

English Creative Writing Workshop (6-8 year olds), August 2012: 2 day creative writing workshop focusing on story writing.
Phonics, literacy and numeracy - 5 year old
Home schooling and learning support role, including planning a 6 week summer programme supporting Gabriels school curriculum. Tuition has been focusing on building confidence with Math and English foundations, in particular phonics and reading as well as writing skills, spelling and punctuation. In maths weve been focusing on number bonds. Gabriel struggles with attention so I have been working with him in the mornings to provide a more focused and supportive teaching environment. This term we are studying at home for several mornings so Gabriel can work on the basics of both Math and English and will be continuing with a summer programme covering all subjects to prepare him to enter the next year at a new school.


7+ tutoring for Renata, applying to South Hampstead, Renatas focus was Mathematics, comprehension and reasoning. Renata gained a place at South Hampstead for September 2014.
Maths and English, 7+

Tuition for a 6 year old Vedant in Math and English, considering 7+, focusing on the English curriculum in particular and reading and writing skills.

Maths and English, 7+

Tuition for two students who gained entrance into South Hampstead and Highgate schools.

7+ Maths and general English

Noor: (7 years old) . Concentrated on spellings in English and problem solving exercises.


Maths and English Year 3 and 4

Math and English with 8 year old Lillie, supporting the curriculum and building confidence.

English Year 5

Anya: English support for 9 year old girl focusing on comprehension and grammar.

English and 11+ Preparation:

Weekly sessions with Rana. Tutoring focusing on English, reading and creative writing, as well as English language skills and spelling. Also working towards 11+ examination in 2013.

11+ CE English Science:

Started with Amanda aged 8 and have been tutoring for 11+ Common Entrance, focusing on English and Science, in particular creative writing and exam skills.

Maths English 11+ Preparation:

9 year old boy Iman, tutoring in Mathematics and English for entry to 11+, in particularly working on confidence with the basics in math and understanding of mathematical concepts. Also focusing on spelling and sentence structure as well as expanding understanding and vocabulary in order to feel confident with comprehension texts.

11+ Maths and English:

10 year old Lauren. My lessons with Lauren focused on structuring sentences (comprehension) and spelling. We are now working on developing comprehension answers as well as timing and accuracy for Mathematics. Lauren is applying to Latymer, Wimbledon and Francis Holland.

Math - Year 4

8 year old Emma. Tutoring for a child with dyscalculia focusing on math. Building confidence and learning skills, focusing initially on the times tables and exploring creative ways to learn.
Sydney (9 year old student) a student with dyslexia and dyscalculia, working to build confidence and understanding in Mathematics and English.
Daphne (10 year old student) 11+, a very able student, tutoring was focused on exam structure and timing as well as extension Math and English problems. Applying to Latymer, Francis Holland and South Hampstead High School. Daphne gained places at all of her schools (wait listed initially South Hampstead).

Common Entrance 13+

Sabrina, 13 years old. Residential placement for 13+, all subjects, including Mathematics, Science, English, History, and French, in particular working on English in all subjects (sentence structure, spelling and understanding question structure). Sabrina passed her 13+ in June 2011.

Common Entrance 13+

Himmat. Tutoring for 13+ student in English and History focusing on structure of answers and understanding of texts, in particular vocabulary and close readings of sentences, meaning of words/ phrases. Understanding what was being asked by questions was also an important aspect.

GCSE Level Tuition:
English Literature Language:

James, aged 16. Tutoring for GCSE modules, English Language and Literature, Chemistry, Geography, exam technique and subject support as well as help understanding question structure and requirements of the course.

Essay writing mentoring:

Theo, aged 15. Mentoring role- GCSE tutoring, in a range of subjects, English, Classics, Film, Photography, Maths.

English Language Literature

Twice weekly lessons with 18 year old Ella. GCSE English Language tuition for a student re-taking to improve her grade. Focusing on essay writing and sentence structure, studying Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) Poetry and Texts from other cultures (Things Fall Apart).

A Level:

Residential tutoring for Freddie, aged 16, in AS Level Art and portfolio application to U.S. Universities. Focus on practical and academic development.

Hobbies and Interests
I am extremely interested in all aspects of contemporary art, film, photography, architecture and art history having studied BFA Fine Art at Oxford University.
I have a strong practical knowledge of,painting, ceramics, screen-printing, plaster casting and woodwork.
I choreographed and directed a university wide musical at Pembroke College, Oxford, 2 years running with great success.
I enjoy travelling, especially in Europe, my favorite cities are Paris and Florence, and I recently visited Morocco, and love visiting new places and cultures.
Growing up in Stratford-upon-Avon has given me a great love of the plays of Shakespeare. Up to the age of 18 I studied dance -Ballet where I achieved Standard 8 as well as contemporary and tap.
My other interests include cooking, dance and fashion.

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