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About Me
I am a primary and common entrance Mathematics and English tutor and have worked with a range of British and International students both online and in person. I have worked with very high achieving students and guided them through the admissions processes to some of London's leading day and boarding schools, as well as a range of students with special educational needs. I specialise in primary education, Early Years, 7+, 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance and also have solid experience in working with children with dyslexia, dyscalculia and autism. I also write and deliver academic assessments for children aged 3 to 13 years to analyse academic and developmental performance. I am familiar with the requirements of all of the UK exam boards (particularly AQA, Edexcel and OCR) and I am equally familiar with the intricacies of London school admissions procedures.
I have always enjoyed the teaching and learning experience and have taught formally and voluntarily for over 10 years. Following my degree in Psychology, I went onto work as a teaching assistant in a small independent school and gained invaluable experience working with the whole class, small groups and one to one. I then took a year out and travelled, worldwide, exploring new countries and cultures. Since 2010 I have provided over 1,500 hours of tuition in London and online. I enjoy working creatively to find the most appropriate methods and strategies for each student to reach their individual educational goals. Most importantly, I aim to inspire a genuine love of learning, curiosity and adventure.
My academic history:
University of Southampton (BSc Hons.) Psychology 2:1
Barton Peveril College, Hampshire (A-Level) (A), (A), (B) (C)
Wildern School, Hampshire (GCSE) (7 A grades), (4 B grades)
Recent Tuition
Pre-school support for Dylan aged 3: I worked everyday with Dylan for two weeks in March 2013 to assess his social, academic and motor skills. The sessions were fun and included lots of games, songs and arts and crafts activities alongside very basic phonics, handwriting and numeracy. I assessed Dylan's language skills and Dylan is now receiving support from a speech and language specialist upon my recommendation. I am now working 3 days a week with Dylan for 1.5 hours to continue to support his development.
5+ assessment preparation: Avani who was preparing for the NLC 5+ assessment. I assessed Avani's reading ability, her phonics and vocabulary knowledge and her social confidence. I also assessed her basic mathematical knowledge of shapes, colours, number bonds, counting up to and backwards from 20 and addition and subtraction of numbers to 10. We also worked on interview preparation, exploring Avani's interests and information she wants to share at her assessment. Avani was a wonderful student to work with. She was confident and able to follow instructions as well as give them.
Teaching Assistant in Early Years department at an independent school. Guiding students through the Early Years Framework, key worker role for a group of children in the class, carrying out observations and home visits.
Teaching Assistant in Year 1 class. Full time teaching assistant, providing general classroom support in addition to leading numeracy and literacy interventions for individual students and small groups.
Twice weekly tuition for Daniel, 5. Slow preparation for his 7+ exams, consolidating learning from school and introducing more difficult concepts. Particular focus on concentration and extended writing.
Twice weekly tuition for Charlie, 5. Slow preparation for 7+ exams, consolidating learning from school. Particular focus on handwriting and basic maths topics.
Daily home school tuition for 6 weeks for 7 year old, Lara: Sessions focussed on cementing primary basics and working towards higher level learning. Lara was new to the UK and so I prepared her for her new school in London. Lara had a previous negative experience of school and so we worked a lot on confidence building and coping strategies for severe anxiety.
7+ and 8+ Preparation twice weekly tutorials with Ozzy and Roman: Tutorials cover core numeracy, literacy and reasoning skills in addition to exam technique and practicing working at speed and independently. Ozzy and Roman enjoy fun activities and mini projects where they are able to work creatively to develop their knowledge and skills.
7+ preparation with Joe: Weekly sessions with Joe are fun and often involve sport. Joe is working at a good level for his age group but needs to cement and extend his knowledge in order to feel confident ahead of his 7+ exam at Highgate school. It is a constant task to inspire and engage Joe as he would rather be playing football than studying! However Joe enjoys our tutorials and is working more independently.
7+ preparation with Eleni: Eleni struggles with concentration and so her sessions are broken into short, fun, often timed exercises. We are focussing on the 7+ requirements to ensure Eleni has covered all maths topics and is confident in extended writing exercises.
7+ Preparation for Peter. Weekly lessons over 1 year focusing on creative writing and particularly difficult maths concepts. Peter moved from achieving very low marks to sitting in the middle of his class and was very happy to be accepted at Shrewsbury House School.
Weekend tuition for 8 year old, Lucas: Lucas is an extremely high achiever and is hoping to be accepted into Sevenoaks school at 11. I provided homework support, prepared Lucas for his end of term assessments and focussed on his English and creative writing. Lucas enjoyed the challenging exercises I set for him and make marked improvements in his creative writing and ability to check through his work. I will work with Lucas in the future in the lead up to his 11+ exam.
Maths and English Homework support for Joshua, 9: Ongoing support with homework, especially maths as Joshua has dyscalculia. Joshua needed a lot of encouragement to see tasks through to the end. We also worked on other subjects including geography, religious studies and history and carried out research in areas of interest and then used the information for writing exercises. These tutorials were fun and engaging to build Joshua's confidence and help him to be more interested in his studies.
11+ preparation with a higher level student, B: Sessions included exam technique, time-saving methods for maths problems, timed exam practice and encouragement to explore ideas when writing. B has secured a position in a top London girls-school.
11+ preparation with Eren, a higher level student: We focussed on Eren's English exam technique, building his vocabulary and creating essay plans. Throughout tutorials, Eren became a lot more creative in his story writing and was able to set his ideas out in a clear structure. We regularly worked through maths papers, revising the more difficult topics. I also worked on interview technique with Eren.
11+ prep with Georgina focussing on maths: Georgina's sessions needed to be fun with quick activities to hold her attention. Georgina's ability to concentrate through exams papers increased a lot and her overall level of working is beginning to improve at a good pace. Georgina's handwriting, spelling and punctuation have improved greatly along with her ability to understand longer and more complex maths questions. Georgina achieved a much higher grade in her 11+ exams than expected and was delighted to be accepted to her chosen school for the coming academic year.
11+ summer course: I created and taught a 3 day 11+ preparation course during the summer holidays. I tutored a group of 5, covering the key aspects of the 11+ exam process including English and maths papers, verbal reasoning and interview technique. The sessions were fun and engaging with regular breaks and plenty of opportunity for each student to ask their individual questions.
Advanced 11+ tuition: twice weekly sessions with Zakiya to prepare her for her entrance exam to the Lahore Grammar School. The standard of the exam falls between the 11+ and 13+ levels. We focussed on maths, cementing Zakiya's existing knowledge and then completing extension work to raise her ability to 13+ level. We used a range of fun activities for learning new material and exam papers to regularly assess Zakiya's exam technique. I am very pleased that Zakiya has been accepted to the Lahore Grammar School.
Advanced 11+ with Thomas, a high achiever preparing for his entrance exams for Sevenoaks school: Tutorials focussed on some of the more challenging topics in maths such as algebra and fractions along with creative writing. Thomas-creative writing and comprehension improved a great deal and he became a lot more confident in his maths ability. Thomas passed his exams with very high marks and has been accepted at Sevenoaks.
13+ common entrance preparation summer course: I created and taught a 3 day programme focussing on maths and English. The sessions were very engaging but also challenging for higher level students. There was plenty of time for each student to ask for advice and tips relating to their specific needs and interests.
Year 7/8 weekly tuition for Lucy. Ongoing weekly tuition to support homework, consolidate learning at school and to help Lucy to stay ahead of the curve. Support for all subjects, particularly maths and English. We also work on study and organisational skills and I help Lucy to plan her revision during exam seasons.
GCSE tutorials covering all subjects with a foundation level student, Scarlett: Sessions focused mainly on the core subjects, maths and English, and included creative learning, homework support, exam technique and revision. This student achieved GCSEs to a much higher level than predicted by her school teachers. I tutored Scarlett over a period of 2 years, including holidays and we also covered Religious Studies, French, Science, music and art. As part of my role, I created assessments to test ongoing learning in most GCSE subjects.
Primary school classroom assisting: Mostly one to one with SEN pupils aged 4 - 11 years, and also small group and whole class teaching. Support was provided predominantly in Maths and English, as well as role-play for social skills and anger management and activities to help improve concentration for those who were struggling with staying in the classroom.
8-14 years. English teaching for international pupils at a residential summer school: I assisted in English lessons for international students (from over 50 different countries) aged 8-14 years, who varied greatly in their ability and experience of English. I also taught subjects such as Art, Sports and Home Economics to increase the student's use of the English language.
Hobbies and Interests
My interests involve travelling and exploring other countries and cultures. I have previously travelled across the world and would love to continue travelling in the future. I also enjoy music, particularly live music and festivals. I am also passionate about psychology and understanding more about how we think and behave. I have been working for a young person's mental health charity and have also completed an Introduction to Counselling Psychotherapy course. I have volunteered for a range of charities in counselling and mentoring roles and having worked as a Fundraising Officer for 3 years, and in other fundraising and marketing roles, have a strong understanding of the inner workings and requirements of charitable organisations. I aim to link my experience in education, psychology and the charitable sector in future projects.

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