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About Me
I am passionate about communication and its value throughout life. Being of Colombian heritage and studying in France and England incubated my interests in language and culture, which I furthered by gaining a first class degree in Hispanic studies at Kings College London and a scholarship for my Mphil in Latin American studies at the University of Cambridge. Consequently, I am very aware of the importance of education in broadening life prospects and those who taught me the necessary structure and work methods to fulfil my potential, and would like to return my gratitude in kind.

I have been tutoring students for ten years in preparation for A-Levels and GCSEs in French, Spanish, literature and history. I have honed my existing skills and complemented my first-hand experience of education with a solid theoretical backing in Psychology. I aim to create a safe environment in which students can grow and learn the value of hard work, dedication and integrity.

As a tutor I have encountered numerous pupils who feel disconnected and detached from their schooling and struggle with the assessment structure. I have tried to inspire them by showing them the connections between the curriculum and everyday life but also to motivate them by empowering them to think critically about the material and even education itself, explaining the significance of the present task in the context of their overall development. Technique and motivation are key to results: it is essential to engage the students and make them participate so they can overcome their fears and make progress. A sense of achievement is crucial, and consequently pupils often just need to understand what is expected and how to see shortcomings as positive challenges.

I find interacting with teenagers challenging and stimulating as I am always amazed by their inquisitiveness and love exploring how they relate to the world. I am particularly interested in helping young people develop through creative approaches, and have volunteered with the charity SPCO to help children aged 12 to 15 produce their own music videos and have assisted Woodcraft Folks after school activities.
Through extensive study and professional practice, I have acquired all the core linguistic skills required to be a tutor and I believe sharing this knowledge is very rewarding. Teaching has always been a substantial part of my life and whatever their interests, I hope to help students to reach their full potential and prepare them for adulthood. Understanding and managing rules and hierarchies, gaining a good work method and ethic, and the ability to formulate and structure ones arguments and analyse ones thoughts, are key life skills that can all be fostered through study. I hope to inspire my students and provide them with a healthy attitude to learning and challenges, and the desire to one day inspire and lead others.

I was raised bilingual (French and Spanish) but always had the desire to speak English and live in Britain. It was my enthusiasm for literature and language which first brought me over to the UK to study Hispanic studies at Kings College London, an interest which I later pursued through an MPhil in Latin American studies at Cambridge University. Now after years of working in the arts and education, I have decided to fully commit to my desire to help and support others with an MSc in Psychology. I plan to pursue my interest Clinical Psychology whilst working part time to grow in my passion with language acquisition and teaching.

Recent Tuition
Below is a selection of my past students, representative of my experience in Common Entrance (English Language), GCSE (French, Spanish, History), IB (French, Spanish, Literature, History) and A-level ( French, Spanish, History, Psychology, Essay Writing for Dyslexia as well as Maths, Reading, Writing in primary. I am familiar with all major exam boards for subjects outlined below. In French, Spanish and Psychology, this includes for example Edexcel, OCR and AQA. In total, I have held over 70 positions.

Year 8 French- I loved working with Amanda, she is a witty and energetic student who had some trouble dedicating herself to academic tasks and engaging with language. Together we worked to build her confidence so that she would feel free to try and fail when creating French sentences and once she was comfortable making mistakes she learned really quickly. Following this she became more interested in accuracy and hence grammar, and soon started speaking in class regularly and worrying she would be moving to a higher set and have to do more work!
AS Psychology - Working with students who are really struggling is incredibly rewarding if there is still time for them to realise their potential and this was the case with Hiba. She is a talented young woman who lacked a strong support system at school and was too shy to ask for the help she needed. Hiba was perfectly intellectually capable of passing her exams yet she was failing because she had not understood what was expected of her, lacked a basic study and exam skills and had been discouraged by too much criticism from teachers. With only two months we covered the entire curriculum, changed her attitude to learning and managed to uncover her vocation. I am now confident that she will get a pass grade when the results come out in August.
Year 3 - Elodie is a wonderfully imaginative 7 year old who found Maths challenging as a result of her dyspraxia and ADHD, I used a creative approach to work with her. Elodie had grown quite anxious about this but was fond of storytelling, therefore I designed learning strategies where she would have to solve mathematical problems in order to progress to the next stage and games in which the advancement of her pawn depended on additions or multiplications. Elodie has struggled but moved past every new obstacle this year whilst also developing her storytelling skills and spelling.


University French - grammar and translation support for final year exam
AS level AQA Psychology: Hiba - intensive revision classes with failing student to obtain a C grade.
A level French: Izzy - yearlong tuition to prepare for OCR examination to get university offer grade.
A level AS level OCR Psychology: Sam - yearlong tuition to prepare for OCR examination and re-sit AS level to get university offer grade.
IB French: Michael - preparation for IB mocks
GCSE Spanish: Francesca - homeschooling to get up to speed on the curriculum and get ready for the exam
GCSE/iGCSE Spanish French - regular holiday revision for students in boarding school
13+ Common Entrance French: Nick - preparation for exam
Maths, Reading, Writing: weekly support for siblings with learning difficulties
Year 8 French - weekly support for a female student to keep her engaged in French and ahead of the curve at school


BA Hispanic Studies: Maria - Essay writing for BA Hispanic Studies.
IB French Standard Level: Jack - Preparation for oral and written exam
IB French Higher Level: Ana - Revision.
IB French, Spanish, History: Laura - exam revision in French Literature, Spanish Language and History.
IB French: Paul - Teaching Literature in French for IB preparation.
Oxford Interview preparation: Harry - preparation for interviews and guidance with application.
IB Spanish and Cambridge Interview and Application preparation: Revision with Hugo for IB Spanish and guidance on Cambridge application process and how to best present himself and his skills/knowledge at interview.
A Level Spanish: Fred - Spanish tutoring and assistance with Cambridge Hispanic Studies application process.
A Level French: Tara - prepared and conducted the students Oral examination for A-Level.
AS French: Nina - French Independent AS Level.
AS Spanish: Tom - Revision for exam retake (Residential tutoring for a term).
AS Spanish: Kirsten - exam preparation through practice tests, conversation classes, exam techniques and vocabulary lessons.
GCSE French: Prina and Darshwana - After-school tutoring for one year. Focused on expanding the students knowledge of French and preparing their conversation French for travelling abroad. Results were always good but became excellent by the end of the year, both of them got straight As for GCSE.
GCSE French and Spanish: Rosie and Jack - GCSE and conversation French and Spanish tutoring for twins. They both achieved an A* in the exam (Residential tutoring over 2 years.)
GCSE French and Spanish: Rhoda - Residential tutoring for Spanish and French GCSE Level.
GCSE Spanish: Clara - GCSE Spanish Summer Revision Course
GCSE French and Spanish: Katie - weekly tuition over 2 academics years.
GCSE French: Andrew: Residential tutoring French GCSE to help with anxiety and confidence.
GCSE French: French residential tutoring for a year. Focused on expanding the students knowledge of French and preparing their conversational skills for travelling abroad.
French intermediate: Ahmed - adult conversation classes on politics in French.
French and Spanish intermediate: Ofer - Adult Conversation classes in French and Spanish for a year.
Intermediate: French and Politics adult conversation classes for a year.
Advanced: French and Spanish adult conversation classes for a year.
EFL: Isabelle: EFL for children beginners. Summer Intensive Course.


Nanny and tutor position in France with HNW family in finance looking after three girls (12, 8, and 4) as well as organising activities to teach them Spanish during the summer, and supervising homework at the weekend during term time for three consecutive years. Homework supervision and training for classroom tests (every week end for 3 years), including basic Oral Spanish for the youngest child.

Hobbies and Interests
I have a keen interest for film, literature, contemporary art, theatre, creative writing, singing, and cycling. I speak French, Spanish and English and have travelled and hiked extensively through Latin America, Europe and some parts of Africa.

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