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About Me
My specialist subject is History and I also tutor English and Ancient History. I also have a significant amount of experience at general education (home schooling) on a primary/prep school level. My formal university training has provided me with the necessary skills to push the levels of progress without lowering the students confidence. Additionally, my research background is useful to quickly and efficiently prepare myself for any obscure topic that may come up. Furthermore, my experience with students with varying degrees of disabilities is extensive- from mild dyslexia to more severe concentration and critical thinking difficulties. Patience and communication are both virtues that have been essential to my success rate. I have been employed to simply edit research essays, as well as develop and execute entire lesson plans.
I initially started tutoring as a way to gain the necessary teaching experience to become a school lecturer. However, I have realized that I dont need a "teaching degree" to make a difference. I have significant and respectable formal qualifications that I am very proud of, but my passion to share knowledge with others could never have been taught in a lecture hall.

Recent Tuition

I delivered a home schooling programme to an 11 year old boy on a full time basis for 4 months, teaching numeracy, literacy and other subjects including Geography, Science and History. As I was Sams full time tutor, I also took on a mentoring role.
I worked with a 13 year old girl studying for her GCSE exams. The tuition was 2 days a week for 2 hours at a time. I was asked back to again the following year for the next round of exams.
I worked with Tom, an IB student, to prepare for his exams in English and History. Following 2 months of tutorials, he was awarded 7 out of 7 for the subjects I helped him with.

Hobbies and Interests
I am originally from Southern California and have been living in London for about four years. My principle interests are History and Art. I am an active member of the Tate Galleries in London and am currently studying for a History PhD proposal. My other interest is travelling. From the age of thirteen, I have spent summers and holidays in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Although difficult to do in London, I am passionate about surfing and have been since the age of seven.

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