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Phi Tuition
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The Phi difference

When it comes to teaching, every single detail plays an important role in facilitating the learning process, boosting confidence and delivering success.

We believe that Phi Tuition is your best choice for delivering performance during exams for the following reasons:

1. Experts in teaching science and maths
Our extensive teaching experience enables us to communicate difficult ideas and concepts at the right level for our students.
All of our tutors have unique teaching skills, University degrees in their academic fields and are DBS-checked.
Being passionate about science and maths, we focus exclusively on those subjects. This is how we ensure that our students receive the right knowledge with the necessary depth and breadth required to succeed in their exams.

2. Courses designed to ensure exam success
We focus our efforts on preparing our students for their exams by providing them with the best exam techniques. At every stage, we make sure that there are no gaps in their understanding. By providing our students with extensive exam-style questions, we ensure that students arrive at their exams fully prepared to excel.

3. Comprehensive notes
We provide our students with a comprehensive range of teaching notes, tailored to each module. From the fundamental theory, to practice exercises and past papers, our teaching materials are designed with students’ needs in mind.

4. Innovative teaching techniques
We believe that students do best when they are not allowed to become a passive audience. We make them participate actively in the process of their own learning, by applying innovative teaching techniques, including active learning, peer-teaching, and self-correction. Our experience has shown that, this way, they not only learn better and in more depth; they actually find the lessons more interesting.

5. Small group size
Our students thrive because they are given the undivided attention and help that they need on an individual basis. That is why we limit our classes to a maximum of 8 students.

6. Delivering value for money
Operating in a lean and efficient way, we are happy that we can pass our savings to our students. Without compromising quality, we offer excellent value for money for both our students and their parents.

7. Easy-to-access venue
We are located in the heart of Chiswick, serving our local communities, so that parents and students spend the minimum traveling time.

8. Supporting facilities
Our classrooms are designed to provide a comfortable, safe and inspiring place for our students to learn.

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