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EvolMusic is a music and singing tuition centre based in Finsbury Park, London. EvolMusic run private music and signing tuition and group workshops for beginners and professionals. All students who are interested in developing their music and singing potential are welcome.
The studio in an open space, with a warehouse feel which is very artistic and welcoming. 

EvolMusic was founded by professional singer Katherine Prado back in 2006. Katherine has been teaching music and voice for the past 20 years, specializing in the bel canto technique. Katherine founded EvolMusic as she believes anyone can develop and learn to control their voice. Her technique is well designed after studying opera for 8 years at some of the best music schools around globe and working with great rock and pop stars like Jeff Beck, Mark Ronson, making her very versatile singer and teacher.
After the first lesson, students will make noticeable improvement immediately and will being developing their confidence to sing to the best of their ability. The EvolMusic programme focusses on developing the students’ natural voices by teaching students the right tools and foundations to sing and keep a healthy voice.

Every voice is unique so each student attending tuition at EvolMusic has a programme tailored to their specific needs. Tutors at EvolMusic aim to motivate and inspire pupils, as well as building confidence, in order to help their pupils achieve their goals. Singing lessons first focus on how to relax and breathe properly as well as increasing capacity and control. Students are taught how to project their voices and increase their vocal range in both directions. Many elements of singing are also taught, including intermediate theory of music, vocal maintenance, phonetics, interpretation and performance, singing in different languages and repertoire. In addition, Katherine also works with a holistic approach based on her recent studies in music therapy. 
EvolMusic can also help with musical auditions, choir scholarships, recording demos, song writing and piano tuition, as well as helping clients with their well-being to release stress, build confidence and keep a positive outlook.
Music tuition at the centre costs £35/hr or four one hour lessons can be booked in advance for £115. Introduction lessons can be also arranged at £30 for 45mins. 
EvolMusic can also provide in-home music and singing tuition. If this is something you are interested, please contact the centre.

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