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Milestones Education

There is no 'luck' without being prepared to meet the opportunity.

We prepare individuals to meet every opportunity and milestone with excellence, even beyond academia. Our philosophy and aim is to identify and transform potential to achieve remarkable results.

About Us:

We are different. Rather then mirroring traditional school education with hours of fairly passive and tedious tuition, we go the extra mile.
We deliver thoroughly well designed and tailored programmes backed by a team of zealous professionals and specialists.
We work as a team; spending a lot more time to focus on the learner's needs.

We never simply contract a tutor out to a client. We liaise with one another; pool our skills, resources and energy to create the best possible experience for our learners.

No one on the team is simply a tutor. They are trained to implement our philosophy and undergo training in delivering our methodology. We are lovingly picky.

The Milestones Teaching Method:

Our methodology is applied to all our programmes and pathways. Each member of the team is trained to deliver this method. Its creation is a result of over five years of research, experience and phenomenal client success stories. Professors, scientists, educational psychologists, teachers, students, parents and professionals have all contributed to its creation and implementation.

General Process:

1. Consultation, Assessment and Plan by a specialist tutor
2. Formulation of tailored programme, goal and plan
3. Following client review of team member profiles and plan: formal assignment of appropriate team and resources
4. Journey begins, implementation of plan --> Goals achieved.