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Carfax Private Tutors was established to provide a professional, industry-leading standard of tuition. As a founding member of The Tutors Association (TTA), we believe that maintaining our cornerstone values of pupil-centred learning, thoroughness, expertise, and an ability to work around each client’s needs can continue to drive industry standards. We believe in tutoring as a profession for high-achieving graduates who are passionate about their area of specialization and care about excellence in education.

Carfax Private Tutors specializes in providing fully-personalised programmes of tuition, placing a strong focus on each pupil’s academic future. In all cases, Carfax help to set realistic educational goals and develop and plan to meet them.

Before tutors meet their pupils , our Academic Registrars will take the time to understand fully your goals and how we can help you meet them. Following this discussion, our Academic Registrars suggest specialist tutors and provide tutor profiles based on their ability to meet your particular requirements.

Tutors put forward will have a thorough knowledge of any syllabus requirements and each prospective academic institution’s respective entry procedures; the careful selection of tutors with first-hand experience of learning and teaching at leading schools and universities is a key part of the Carfax model.

We can provide uniquely detailed assessments for each client by professional educational consultants. These assessments include recommendations for schools based on tutor reports, and possible pathways for entry into these competitive institutions.

Working hard to maximise pupil’s potential by giving them structure and personalised guidance is at the heart of what we do. Pupils supported by Carfax have been offered places to study at Eton, Charterhouse, Rugby, Harrow, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Downe House, Winchester, and other leading schools. In addition, Carfax pupils have secured places at Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, King’s College, LSE, and numerous other prestigious academic institutions.

The international aspect of Carfax Private Tutors means that we are uniquely positioned to provide courses of tuition around clients who may wish to move between the U.K. and abroad. Thanks to this expert advice and support, pupils and parents can feel confident navigating the world of international education. Do please contact us in the “contact” section to the left if this would be particularly useful for you so we can begin tailoring your course of study.